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LeTip of the Lehigh Valley


This is what LeTip is all about! Each week our members meet in a friendly but structured setting for the exchange of referrals. We call them “TIPS”!

A survey, done in the spring of 1998, of LeTip members reported that our members average more than $1,336 per month as a result of their LeTip membership and we have many that do considerably more!

We are committed to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business. We shall exercise fairness, loyalty and integrity at all times in relationship to our employees, customers and shareholders.

In this spirit we shall participate actively for the improvement of our community and our society, striving always to fulfill our obligation of leadership. LeTip of the Lehigh Valley was originally chartered in December of 1996 as LeTip of the West Side, Allentown PA by Financial Advisor Larry Delhagen, Property/Casualty Insurance Agent Don Blose, and Mortgage Originator Peter Phelps. Meetings were held at the Parkland Diner and often attendance was 5 or 6 members, making for a very fast meeting.

After original president Phelps left LeTip in February of 1997, vice president Delhagen assumed the mantle of leadership and helped to guide the fledgling chapter to double digit membership. By the end of Larry’s second term as president in May of 1998, the group had 15 members.

In succession, presidents Joe Reybitz and John Taylor continued to preside over a growing chapter and facilitated its change in venue to the Brass Rail Restaurant on Lehigh Street. This not only afforded the group the room it needed to expand, but also allowed for the breakfast dues and other related costs to be kept reasonable, making our LeTip Chapter an even more desirable alternative to other competing networking groups. The name of the group was also changed at this time to LeTip of the Lehigh Valley. In retrospect, this name change was vital to the continued growth of the group as the footprint for our chapter changed in the minds of potential members from just the western end of the Valley to the entire Lehigh Valley.

The group has grown almost without pause through the presidencies of Tony Sporta, Donna Vrabel, Jim Haines, Bob Wilfinger, again through Larry Delhagen, Ruth Wuchter, two terms of Don Blose, Ken Ringer, Loren Keim, and now with current president Jim Haines.

Over the years, there have been many presidents, treasurers, secretaries and membership chairs, but the overriding philosophy of LeTip of the Lehigh Valley as a networking group – as loyal to its members as it expects its members to be towards it — has helped to foster an environment of excitement and dynamic growth. LeTip of the Lehigh Valley, today at over 60 members, is now the preeminent LeTip chapter in Pennsylvania and one of the top 5 LeTip groups in the country.

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